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Yellowfin Tuna Whole Round Product for Restaurant Ingredient

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Whole Round Product for Restaurant Ingredient

Yellowfin tuna whole round is a good product to be made into sushi or sashimi dish, which is why a lot of Japanese restaurant is using this product to create their dish. That Japanese restaurant is not only present in Japan, but there are many Japanese restaurants all over the world. This means the whole round yellowfin tuna should also available all over the world thus it really become a trading goods that is high in demand. Furthermore whole round yellowfin tuna is not only good for Japanese restaurant but also for restaurant in general since the yellowfin tuna meat can be use in different kinds of dishes.

Restaurant Using Yellowfin Tuna Whole Round as Ingredient
Yellowfin tuna whole round is good for Japanese restaurant because it still have the same condition as it have when the fisher caught the fish. The only procedure that the fisher does to the yellowfin tuna fish is to bleed it as it is important procedure that every fisher needs to do. That is why this bleeding procedure is performed in the deck right after the yellowfin tuna fish is caught since it need to be performed as fast as possible.
The yellowfin tuna fish has high body temperature which is above the seawater temperature, their body temperature will rose even more in the struggle while being caught by the fisher. This high temperature will also make the yellowfin tuna meat gets spoiled faster this is why it is significant to reduce the body temperature of the fish. And the bleeding procedure is the one that able to reduce the body temperature of yellowfin tuna fish and make it stay fresh longer. Furthermore by doing the bleeding procedure, it is also able to increase the quality of the yellowfin tuna whole round meat twice better. Thus it is another reason for the fisher to do the bleeding procedure to the fish that they caught in the boat.
The bleeding procedure on yellowfin tuna fish is also able to ensure the fresh color of the meat stays even after the fish is brought to the beach for sale. To do this procedure yellowfin tuna fish artery line will be cut thus letting the blood coming out from the blood stream inside the fish body which will takes around five minutes to finish. It is very easy procedure to do, thus every fisher is able to do this procedure easily. Afterwards the yellowfin tuna whole round will be freeze in zero degree Celsius temperature and this product is the yellowfin tuna whole round that has the best condition since every parts of the fish body is still intact.
In reality the whole round yellowfin tuna is a raw material product which used by factories to create many kinds of yellowfin tuna products. This is the reason why many fishers will sell their catch to the factories which will use them to create different tuna products which you see in the grocery store.
However, the whole round yellowfin tuna is also great for Japanese restaurant since they need fresh tuna meat as their ingredient. As you can see many kinds of sushi as well as sashimi are made using yellowfin tuna meat product. This is why Japanese restaurant always search fresh yellowfin tuna whole round to be use to make many kind of dishes. However not every Japanese restaurant owner can have fresh whole round yellowfin tuna fish that is freshly caught by the fishermen especially when they do not live near the beach area. So the only way for the Japanese restaurant owner to get their fish product is through the factories that will also sell this whole round yellowfin tuna as raw ingredient product.
Before the factories sell the whole round yellowfin tuna product to the Japanese restaurant, they will first freeze the tuna product in higher temperature. Even though it has been freeze before when caught by the fisher, but it is still not enough to maintain the quality of the fish until it is turned into dish in the Japanese restaurant. That is why it will be freeze in super cold temperature of – 40 degree to – 60 degree Celsius. With that super cold temperature the yellowfin tuna whole round will stay fresh when they are delivered to the Japanese restaurant.


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