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Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet Steak for Dinner

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet Steak for Dinner

There are many ways to prepare and cook yellow fin tuna fillet for dinner. Preparing tuna fillet is as easy as canned tuna and they offering various healthy nutrients as well. With tuna fillet steaks, you can try to pan frying them, grilled, and baked to get the flavor absorbed perfectly into the tuna fish meats. If you never or worst avoiding eating tuna fillet and only choose canned fish because you are afraid to ruin the preparation and do not be afraid because in fact cooking tuna fillet is so simple and easy to do at home. Learn how to cook yellowfin tuna steaks or fillets here today.

2 ways to cook yellow fin tuna fillet steak for extraordinary dinner
The important note to have the best sea food dinner is buying a high quality fish such as tuna in best condition. However, keep in mind that tuna either it is canned tuna or fresh or frozen and fillet or steak contains methyl mercury and thus limit the consumption for each week tuna servings. Once you already had the Yellow fin tuna fillet in your hands then let’s try these several methods to prepare the best dinner tuna sea food.
·         Tuscan grilled tuna fillet steak
ü  Yellowfin tuna fillet or steaks about 8 oz
ü  1 lemon, zested
ü  Handful flat leaf parsley
ü  2 tbsp leaves of 3 sprigs rosemary stripped from the stem
ü  Coarse salt and black pepper or grill seasoning
ü  3 crushed cloves garlic
ü  Olive oil for cooking
1.      Clean and rinse the tuna fillets steaks and then use paper towel to pat dry them.
2.      Place one lemon of zest on cutting board.
3.      Place parsley leaves as well as the fresh rosemary on the zest too. Place or add the salt, pepper, or garlic or simply just grill seasoning on the herbs.
4.      Chop the herbs, garlic, and the spices. Meanwhile, drizzle olive oil over the tuna fillets steaks to coat each side of the yellow fin tuna fillet steaks.
5.      Rub the mixture of garlic and herbs into the tuna fillets on each side. Let them sit for about ten minutes.
6.      Grill the tuna for about six minutes or 4 minutes on each of the side of tuna. After you are done, serve the tuna fillet steaks.
·         Sesame crushed tuna fillet steaks
ü  2 yellow fin tuna fillet steaks best quality product
ü  Salt and black pepper for the flavor
ü  1 tsp of sesame oil
ü  3 tbsp of black sesame seeds
ü  2 tbsp of olive oil
ü  3 tbsp of white sesame seeds
1.      Pre-heat the grill with high heat and during waiting, mix sesame oil with olive oil in a bowl and brush the mixture on the tuna meats fillet steak.
2.      Mix the white and black sesame seeds and press the tuna fillet steaks until each side covered with the seeds.
3.      Place the tuna on the hot grill and cook each side about 45 seconds to 2 minutes. This will make the tuna fillet steaks into medium rare.
4.      Remove the tuna filet steak when it is done and the seasoning with pepper and salt. You can serve them with mixed greens or salsa.
You can do all those recipes at home and experience the new taste of yellow fin tuna fillet recipes. When cooking tuna please make sure they are not overcook because tuna fillet tend to cook quickly. If you purchase frozen tuna fillet then you should thaw it first in refrigerator overnight before you use the tuna for cooking. However if you run out of time then you can simply place the tuna fillet under cool water to thaw it with the tuna still inside the packaging.
Yellowfin tuna is commonly refers to light meat because they have lower mercury content albacore tuna (white tuna), although the quality cannot be compared with the white tuna meat. Tuna fish contain high quality nutrition including omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals and this is why you should learn to prepare yellow fin tuna fillet steaks recipe to at least make a variety of tuna dish and taste different meals. You can experiment with other recipes and we are glad if you want to share your tasty recipes to us as well. Enjoy!


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