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How to Choose the Best Tuna and Sardines Canned Meats?

Tuesday 29 August 2017

How to Choose the Best Tuna and Sardines Canned Meats?

Tuna and sardines canned both have their own plus and minus, however sure that these two fish meats are very good for health because they can give nutritional benefits for human body. Tuna fish and sardines have a great role as omega 3 fatty acid sources and they also rich in lean protein, vitamins, and minerals which is important for daily nutrient intake. This is the reason of why people on diet or in need to build a muscle while taking bodybuilding exercise also add tuna fish and sardines in their respective diet menu. Another note that need to be taken is how you can choose the best tuna and sardines canned fish to get a high quality product and of course the one in a good condition. Follow the tips bellow if you want to know the answer.

How to choose the best tuna and sardines canned meats?
Sea fish which rich in fat such as tuna or sardines are the best choice to get high quality lean protein and omega 3. But, if in your area is hard to get a fresh or raw tuna or sardines then the best solution for that is to purchase tuna fish and sardines in a can packaging. When you take canned tuna or sardines, it is better to cook them by boiling or baking method because any other methods like frying which need addition of oils containing omega 6 fats will lowers the level of omega 3 fatty acids. This rule is not only applied for canned tuna or sardines, but also any other types of fish as well as in their fresh and raw condition
·         Tuna
First tips to pick the best tuna canned fish is to choose a product that preserved the meats with water instead of oils since water and oils will not get mixed together and that’s why hold the original fats from the fish meats. In addition, when you dispose the oils from the can, it will remove the omega 3 fatty acids as well about 15 to 20 percent, while with water there is only 3 percent of omega 3 that has been discarded.
If you confuse whether choosing light tuna vs white tuna, then take this consideration: light tuna is richer in a amount of omega 3 fatty acids than white tuna, but of course the price is more expensive. However light tuna containing more mercury than white tuna, even though tuna methyl mercury contents are less than any other type of fishes, but it is better to choose white tuna if you do not want to get a bad effect from its mercury level when consuming the meats. You need to limit the consumption of canned tuna at least 2 servings per week while pregnant women plus children are extra sensitive with toxic just like mercury thus they should not eat tuna can food more than 12 ounces of low mercury while albacore tuna type should be limited to no more than 6 ounces a week.
·         Sardines
Sardines just like tuna is a healthy food that rich in omega 3, however they contain virtually no mercury and offer a full of calcium content. Moreover, they also bring magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, B vitamins, as well as manganese. Choose the best sardines by picking the right one with no oils canning, unless it is their own natural oils which usually informed in their can packaging. So, we recommended you to choose both tuna and sardines canned that preserved in water or at least in olive oil. Those types of canned products are usually better because there are no addition of sauces and spices just to cover the fish smell or flavor or other flaws.
Just be sure to check the brands and the quality of the canned products before buying at grocery stores. There are lots of products imported from other countries as well so it is better to compare each one with another. Pick tuna and sardines canned products without unhealthy additives and metallic-like aftertaste. Canned fish that have high quality meat will appear very firm and that point also can be useful when you choosing the best canned tuna or sardines. Hope all these wonderful information help you find the right one!


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