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Yellowfin Tuna Cubes Product for Salad Restaurant Menu

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Cubes Product for Salad Restaurant Menu

If you have a salad resto business, then you might want to use yellowfin tuna cubes as one of the ingredient in your salad menu. As you know yellowfin tuna salad is very popular, however most people will use canned tuna as the ingredient for their tuna salad. If you want to be different and daring, then why do not you use tuna cube instead of canned tuna as the ingredient. Not only tuna cube has more meat, but it have not been cooked before, thus you can actually cook it with your secret seasoning to make it better than other salad resto business in the area.
Salad Restaurant Menu Using Yellowfin Tuna Cubes Ingredient
Before you can use this yellowfin cube tuna, you might want to first know how the product is made. This is important so you can recognize high quality product that the supplier might offer for your salad resto business. By using high quality yellowfin cube tuna, you will be able to create fresh tuna salad for your resto business. Surely your customer will love it more if you can give them the best product in the tuna salad menu.
Before making the yellowfin tuna cubes product, first the factory will need to hire some fishermen to get the yellowfin tuna from the sea. After the yellowfin tuna is caught then the fishermen will gutted and gilled it to clean it before being chilled on the boat storage. It will takes quite some times to bring the yellowfin tuna into the yellowfin tuna cubes factory, thus cleaning and chilling is a must procedure that needs to be done to preserve the freshness of the meat. of course, they will still need to be taken to the factory immediately since the chiller in the boat is not enough to frozen the yellowfin tuna for a long time.
After the yellowfin tuna fish arrived in the factory, the worker will quickly bring it into the cleaning processing line. In this line, the yellowfin tuna meat will be cleaned better to get rid of the bones, bloodline and skin. Of course, they would also cut off the yellowfin tuna fish head and tails so only the meat will be left to the next process. But before making yellowfin tuna cubes product, the meat will first be inspected by several people that hold certification for grading tuna meat. They are all professional tuna grader which already trained to recognize tuna meat parts that has high quality. Only those high quality yellowfin tuna meat that will be use on the next process since they also want to create the product with high quality material.
Next the high quality yellowfin tuna meat will be taken into the cutting processing line where they will be cut in the cube shape in specific weight and sizes. Every factory will have their own cube meat weight and size, thus you might want to ask to the factory before using their product. Or you might want to order the yellowfin tuna cubes with weight and size that you specify yourself thus it will be more suitable for your salad resto business.
Next process that needs to be done when making this product is the CO treatment process. In this processing line, cold smoke procedure will be applied into the tuna cube so the cube will still maintain its red color. When process with this procedure, the yellowfin tuna cubes product will appear fresh for longer time and it will not turn into brown color which surely does not appear appetizing for your salad resto business customer. This is why; it is an important procedure that is needed to be use on the tuna cubes you order.
Lastly, the tuna cubes needs to be packed, however since the tuna cubes have small size, surely they would not pack them individually. In fact they will pack several cubes at once since it is easier to do. Next is the freezing process where the product will be frozen to keep the quality of the tuna meat for a long time. This is the condition that they will send to you, thus you should have the right freezer to store the yellowfin tuna cubes still in frozen condition so it will stay preserved as it should be.


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