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Freshwater Shrimp Suppliers with Best Product Technology

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Freshwater Shrimp Suppliers with Best Product Technology

Freshwater shrimp suppliers are needed when you own a company that uses shrimp as the ingredient for the company’s product. The shrimp is known to be marine product; however there are also shrimp that can grow in the freshwater. That is why; many suppliers are making a special farm in land which used to grow the shrimp in the freshwater condition. You might think that this is hard thing to do. However, this business is actually very profitable for the supplier. Especially since the demand for shrimp keeps increasing every year. Thus the supplier will really make a lot of profits by farming the shrimp in land.

Best Freshwater Shrimp Suppliers for Your Business
Furthermore, with the advance of technology that the world has today, the freshwater shrimp suppliers are able to use more modern ways of farming. In the old days, the farming is done in very simple way. But today, it has become more professional, thus the quality of the shrimp which supplier sends to you is also increasing to be better. Furthermore, there are many species that the suppliers farmed right now. So you can find different kinds of supplier with different kinds of product to be used in your company product.
The farming process that is done by the supplier is beginning in the juvenile stage where the supplier will grow it until it become big enough to be sold. These juvenile stage freshwater shrimps are usually taken from some hatchery as the supplier does not own any at the start. But it is quite easy for the supplier to get it as there are many hatcheries which sold the juvenile shrimp for sale.
However, the challenge that the supplier has to face during this process is lies on the quality of the pond used to grow the freshwater shrimp. This challenge is the hardest during the early stage when the supplier just dug a new pond to grow the freshwater shrimp. This new pond is not suitable to be used to grow the freshwater shrimp yet. The reason is there is no enough food supply for the shrimp to eat.
The shrimp will usually eat the algae as well as other little insect larva inside the pond. But when it is a new pond, that only recently being dug, and then the amount of that food inside the pond are still growing. That happens at least for the first year after it is dug, thus during this first year, it is better for the freshwater shrimp suppliers to grow the juvenile in other growing storage with enough food supply. Only then when the shrimp is already getting bigger, then it can be move into the pond.
The making process of the pond itself is actually quite easy as they only dig it in the same manners as when they dig pond for catfish farm. But besides inside the pond, this freshwater shrimp is actually can be grow inside swimming pool, fish tank with large size, or even a large water tank. However, among those growing storage, the pond yield the best result especially for commercial usage. This is the reason why the freshwater shrimp suppliers choose to grow them in the pond.
But when they grow it in the pond, then the quality of the water should also be excellent as it is an important factor for the shrimp growth. Furthermore the soil of the pond should also able to retain the water content inside the pond. To ensure that the water has a good quality which needed by the freshwater shrimp to survive, then usually it will be inspected before usage. The water resource can be taken from anywhere from stream, the river, and of course reservoir.
When the freshwater shrimp suppliers already put the shrimp inside the pond it should already able to search for their own food. Thus actually the supplier would not even need to feed them. However, when the shrimps are getting bigger, then the food supply inside the pond might not be enough anymore. That is why; they may also give them food using the same food given to catfish.
Those are the method used by the freshwater shrimp suppliers to create the best shrimp product in their farm to be used in your company production.


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