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Bluefin vs Yellowfin Tuna Fresh Fish

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bluefin vs Yellowfin Tuna Fresh Fish

Yellowfin tuna fresh as well as bluefin tuna has almost similar appearance with one thing in common: they are hunted for food either as canned or fresh tuna product. Bluefin especially is an endangered fish worldwide and have higher value as sushi ingredient. If you catch one of these two types of fish then you need to tell which one of the two tunes that you have caught so you can determine whether you want to release the bluefin and keep the yellowfin because yellowfin is more abundant. You can pay attention to the characteristics such as the color, shape, and the size of these both of fishes.
How to tell the different between bluefin and yellowfin tuna fresh?
Tuna is an oily fish that very popular to be consumed after shrimp. There are several types of tuna fish that you can found in the subtropical or tropical waters including yellowfin and bluefin tuna being the later one as endangered fish due to over caught. Tuna contains many nutrition that are good for human body intake such as protein, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.
Yellowfin tuna fresh meat can be produced as steak, fillet, and canned. The yellowfin tuna often been called as light tuna has less mercury level than Albacore tuna (white tuna) so it is very famous to be consumed and picked by people. When you cannot tell the different between yellowfin tuna versus bluefin tuna then you should read the information below:
-          The finlets
The finlets of the fish is the small fins that run down on the back of the tuna fish. You need to observe this part because yellowfin tuna finlets have yellow color plus trimmed in black, while bluefin tuna finlets are presence in steel blue color.
-          Gold color
You can tell whether the fish that you have caught is a yellowfin tuna fresh fish by checking if there is stripe with gold color along the side of the fish. If there is one with such criteria then it is possible that the fish is yellowfin tuna.
-          The shape of the fish
Look at the shape of the fish, yellowfin tuna tends to have football shape while bluefin tuna is more like a torpedo shape. The pectoral fin length is another mark that can differentiate the type with the yellowfin pectoral fin is usually reaches the tip of the 2nd dorsal fin.
-          The lines/ spots
Another characteristic to distinguish both of the fish is the presence of the lines or spots. If there is wavy lines or spots on the underside of the fish then it is a huge possible that the one you caught is yellowfin type. In addition, yellowfin tuna fresh type fish has anal fins as well as bright yellow dorsal and finlets. Oppositely, bluefin tuna fish are shiny silver-white on the bottom and metallic blue on the top part.
-          The weight and the measurement
Since bluefin tuna tend to have larger size than yellowfin tuna fish, you can try to measure and weight the fish you caught. One bluefin tuna can grow up to 1,000 lbs with 6.5 feet in length, while yellowfin tuna fresh weight only reaches 300 lbs.
-          The location
Consider your location when fishing as well, yellowfin tuna fish like to reside in the open sea or near drop-offs while bluefin tends to be caught in the deep sea. In addition, yellowfin prefers warm or tropical waters because they are a tropical species. Bluefin is a colder fish that can be seen often in Gulf of Maine for example.
Yellowfin tuna can live up to 6 or 7 years and they are a migratory fish often can be seen in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean. They love to perform large school with other tuna fishes such as Skipjack tuna or bigeye tuna. Moreover they like to associate with the dolphins as well. This is why when yellowfin tuna fresh or canned product sold out to the customers, some of you may find the yellowfin tuna mixed with either skipjack or bigeye since they are not separated during harvest. Yellowfin tuna fresh is safer than Albacore tuna for pregnant women with moderate amount of consumption. However it is also suggested that pregnant mother avoid eating tuna fish for awhile due to the mercury concern.


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