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Indonesia Tuna Factory Markets

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Indonesia Tuna Factory Markets

Indonesia tuna factory has long been growing due to the high demand of canned tuna products not only for national areas, but it has been distributed to the other countries as well. Being the largest archipelagic country in the world makes Indonesia rich in marine sources including tuna meat. No wonder, Indonesia becomes one of the top five aquaculture and fishery producers globally. It has been noted that its tuna produced by the available factories are among the largest and most productive worldwide and the number of distributions have been growing steadily for the past few years.

Indonesia Tuna Factory for domestic and export markets
Indonesia has sells its canned tuna factory Indonesia for both domestic and export markets in order to enhance the income. Fishermen will catch the tuna while factory workers are going to process the tuna fish at factory then the end result will be exported in various countries such as America and Asia. The products that mostly distributed including not only the canned fish, but also fish oil, fish flour, and frozen fish or seafood. Mackerel and canned sardines are popular products to be marketed as well.
To gain customer’s trust all around the world, Indonesia Factory should maintain its high quality products as well as good quality process and customer relationship. All these below are the important points for quality control of tuna fish products thus distribution rate keep increasing or at least stable with no decline in customer’s demand such as:
·         Inspecting the raw tuna meats to make sure that its conditions fulfill the qualities that have been set up by the factory.
·         Processing the tuna fish with consistent steps to meet highest end result and ready to be packed plus distributed worldwide.
·         Inspecting and testing finished products is a must to ensure that the products are safe and in the best condition before the factory sell them to the markets.
When processing the tuna fish in factory, monitoring the process by an expert is necessary so the productions are running smoothly, especially during inspection of raw materials where the factory needs to make sure the freshness quality of tuna fishes.
Indonesia Tuna Factory locations
Indonesia Tuna factory locations are spread out in various regions including East Java, North Sulawesi, and many more. Meanwhile, majority of the tuna fishes have been captured in several areas such as south east side of Java Island to the eastern region of Indonesia. It is not surprising because most of the tuna fishes are easily can be spotted in both Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Not to mention, there are a lot of tuna species can be found in Indonesia waters like Bluefin tuna, yellowfin-Thunnus albacores or local recognized it as Tuna Sirip Kuning, Strip Marlin, Tuna Mata Besar, Cakalang Tuna, and so on.
Most of the factories in Indonesia will manage to get their raw tuna fish from the fishermen before they bring the material to the factory for production. Even for raw tuna fish, 70 percents of them have been distributed to countries like Japan and Thailand. Each year, Indonesia can produce or catch about 613.000 tons which unfortunately not well balanced with domestic demand because most of the productions are end in other countries such as Tiongkok, United States, Uni Eropa, and two countries that we already mentioned before: Japan and Thailand. The low demand in Indonesia is due to the local people are rarely consume Tuna fish unlike Japanese people with its traditional dishes such as sushi or sashimi, although canned tuna is somehow still popular In Indonesia.
In conclusion, Indonesia has been the largest exporter for both of canned tuna or raw tuna fish and until now, the government still needs to expand or develop the distributions and the industry because so far there are only eleven fish processing industry in Indonesia with a large enough capacity. Many policies will be built for Indonesia fish industry that can give benefit for the country and industry players. If the tuna fish industry can be expanded then hopefully Indonesia Tuna Factory gets more profits while not forget to maintain its quality or overlooked the quality control of the products. The practices are valid not only for Tuna productions but also other seafood products.


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