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Yellowfin Tuna Factory Product Variation in the Market

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Factory Product Variation in the Market

There are many yellowfin tuna factory all over the world which processes the fish to be many kinds of product. As you know, yellowfin tuna fish itself is very popular all over the world, thus there are many dishes that is made using yellowfin tuna fish which also very popular. Surely this is also reflected on the demand for yellowfin tuna fish which make the market gets bigger every year. This surely have become a chance for tuna factory to expand their business scope, and be bigger so they can gain more share in the market.
Many Kinds of Product on Yellowfin tuna factory
If you have a plan to make a factory, then why do not you try to make a yellowfin tuna factory. This tuna factory will have a lot of profits if you can run it well. Of course, for the customer all over the world to want to have your yellowfin tuna product, you should also have the best product. Now let us learn how you can make the best yellowfin tuna product.
First and foremost, yellowfin tuna fish should be catch in the sea which should be done by experience fishermen. Afterwards the yellowfin tuna fish will be brought into your factory to be process to be many kinds of yellowfin tuna products. But you should also make sure that the fishermen gives you fresh and high quality yellowfin tuna that have been chilled correctly since it will highly effect the quality of the product you create with it.
After you get high quality yellowfin tuna fish from the fishermen, quickly store it in your yellowfin tuna factory warehouse storage or enter it to the processing line to use it to make many kinds of product. If you want to put the yellowfin tuna fish directly to the processing line, remember to enter it into the shaker machine first so the fish can be arrange in a line then entered to the elevator. Make sure your elevator brings them to the sizer machine so they can separate the yellowfin tuna fish according to their sizes.
Even though you can actually use many kinds of sizes, but usually the sizer is used to separate yellowfin tuna fish which weights less than ten kilos. If the fish weights more than that, then you can separate to different stack and put the fish that weights less than ten kilos in the other stack.
For the yellowfin tuna fish that is weights more than ten kilos, it usually very large since yellowfin tuna fish itself is very large in nature. Then you can use them to make many kinds of products that you want inside your yellowfin tuna factory. Be very careful since some products need different process to make it. Now let us talk about several products that you can make using yellowfin tuna fish as the raw material.
1.      Whole round product
First, if you want to make yellowfin tuna whole round product, then you only need to freeze big yellowfin tuna in super cold temperature without doing any other process since it need to still be in the same condition as when the fishermen caught them.
2.      Frozen product
Next if you want to make frozen yellowfin tuna product inside your yellowfin tuna factory
, then you should be sure to really clean the fish thoroughly. Then separate the fish meats parts that you want to use for each product. Next to cut the fish meats parts and shape it into products that you want to create such as yellowfin tuna saku, yellowfin tuna steak, yellowfin tuna cube, yellowfin tuna block, ground yellowfin tuna and many others. Do not forget to do CO treatment to the products before being pack and frozen to complete the process.
3.      Pre cooked product
To make frozen pre cooked yellowfin tuna, the procedure is the same as the frozen product. The only difference is you do not need to do the CO treatment procedure but cook it instead.
4.      Canned tuna
Making canned tuna is difficult but you can use yellowfin tuna fish which weights less than ten kilos and put it into special production line.
Choose products that suitable for your yellowfin tuna factory specialty so you can make the best and high quality product.


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