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Friday 10 November 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Loins Meat is one great Favorite part for people because has many benefit. From Yellowfin Tuna Loins we can eat full of Yellowfin Meat because Yellowfin tuna Loins is very high Meat Part. To get Yellowfin Tuna Loins, We need more cost for it because this part is most expensive part for Tuna Meat. There Some Photo About Yellowfin Tuna Loins Meat :
Yellowfin Tuna Loin Meat Supplier
Yellowfin Tuna Loin Meat

If you want to find Yellowfin Tuna Loins Supplier, don't hesitate to contact Us. We give the best Yellowfin Tuna Loins Price. Yellowfin Tuna Meat is one favorite Tuna in the world because has delicious taste and many nutrition. Usually Yellowfin Tuna Loins Made to Yellowfin Tuna Frozen or Yellowfin tuna Canned. That two product will made Yellowfin Tuna Loins can more durable. We also can Provide another Yellowfin Tuna Cubes, Yellowfin Tuna Saku, Etc. 
Yellowfin Tuna Cubes
Yellowfin Tuna cubes is Yellwofin Tuna meat with cubes shape. Many client find Yellowfin Tuna Cubes supplier because Yellowfin Tuna Cubes is one instant product for Hotel. To Make Yellowfin Tuna Cubes, We need Yellowfin Tuna Meat and proffesional Yellowfin Tuna Cutter. To make Yellowfin Tuna Cubes we need saw the meat condition and high cutting skill.
Yellowfin Tuna Saku
Other usually product from Yellowfin Tuna meat is Yellowfin Tuna Saku. Tuna saku usually using for Steak because cutting in block. To Cut Yellowfin Tuna Saku, We need get Big Yellowfin Tuna Loins and proffesional Cutter. Our Yellowfin Tuna process with proffesional team to get Fresh and Natural Tuna Yellowfin Meat.
Yellowfin Tuna Saku Supplier
That,s all our information about Yellowfin Tuna Loins Supplier, Yellowfin Tuna cubes and Yellowfin tuna Saku. We Hope this article can give you information about that three shape of Yellowfin Tuna Loins Product. For more information, Please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for reading. 

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Tuesday 29 August 2017

There are many yellowfin tuna factory all over the world which processes the fish to be many kinds of product. As you know, yellowfin tuna fish itself is very popular all over the world, thus there are many dishes that is made using yellowfin tuna fish which also very popular. Surely this is also reflected on the demand for yellowfin tuna fish which make the market gets bigger every year. This surely have become a chance for tuna factory to expand their business scope, and be bigger so they can gain more share in the market.
Many Kinds of Product on Yellowfin tuna factory
If you have a plan to make a factory, then why do not you try to make a yellowfin tuna factory. This tuna factory will have a lot of profits if you can run it well. Of course, for the customer all over the world to want to have your yellowfin tuna product, you should also have the best product. Now let us learn how you can make the best yellowfin tuna product.
First and foremost, yellowfin tuna fish should be catch in the sea which should be done by experience fishermen. Afterwards the yellowfin tuna fish will be brought into your factory to be process to be many kinds of yellowfin tuna products. But you should also make sure that the fishermen gives you fresh and high quality yellowfin tuna that have been chilled correctly since it will highly effect the quality of the product you create with it.
After you get high quality yellowfin tuna fish from the fishermen, quickly store it in your yellowfin tuna factory warehouse storage or enter it to the processing line to use it to make many kinds of product. If you want to put the yellowfin tuna fish directly to the processing line, remember to enter it into the shaker machine first so the fish can be arrange in a line then entered to the elevator. Make sure your elevator brings them to the sizer machine so they can separate the yellowfin tuna fish according to their sizes.
Even though you can actually use many kinds of sizes, but usually the sizer is used to separate yellowfin tuna fish which weights less than ten kilos. If the fish weights more than that, then you can separate to different stack and put the fish that weights less than ten kilos in the other stack.
For the yellowfin tuna fish that is weights more than ten kilos, it usually very large since yellowfin tuna fish itself is very large in nature. Then you can use them to make many kinds of products that you want inside your yellowfin tuna factory. Be very careful since some products need different process to make it. Now let us talk about several products that you can make using yellowfin tuna fish as the raw material.
1.      Whole round product
First, if you want to make yellowfin tuna whole round product, then you only need to freeze big yellowfin tuna in super cold temperature without doing any other process since it need to still be in the same condition as when the fishermen caught them.
2.      Frozen product
Next if you want to make frozen yellowfin tuna product inside your yellowfin tuna factory
, then you should be sure to really clean the fish thoroughly. Then separate the fish meats parts that you want to use for each product. Next to cut the fish meats parts and shape it into products that you want to create such as yellowfin tuna saku, yellowfin tuna steak, yellowfin tuna cube, yellowfin tuna block, ground yellowfin tuna and many others. Do not forget to do CO treatment to the products before being pack and frozen to complete the process.
3.      Pre cooked product
To make frozen pre cooked yellowfin tuna, the procedure is the same as the frozen product. The only difference is you do not need to do the CO treatment procedure but cook it instead.
4.      Canned tuna
Making canned tuna is difficult but you can use yellowfin tuna fish which weights less than ten kilos and put it into special production line.
Choose products that suitable for your yellowfin tuna factory specialty so you can make the best and high quality product.

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There are many ways to prepare and cook yellow fin tuna fillet for dinner. Preparing tuna fillet is as easy as canned tuna and they offering various healthy nutrients as well. With tuna fillet steaks, you can try to pan frying them, grilled, and baked to get the flavor absorbed perfectly into the tuna fish meats. If you never or worst avoiding eating tuna fillet and only choose canned fish because you are afraid to ruin the preparation and do not be afraid because in fact cooking tuna fillet is so simple and easy to do at home. Learn how to cook yellowfin tuna steaks or fillets here today.

2 ways to cook yellow fin tuna fillet steak for extraordinary dinner
The important note to have the best sea food dinner is buying a high quality fish such as tuna in best condition. However, keep in mind that tuna either it is canned tuna or fresh or frozen and fillet or steak contains methyl mercury and thus limit the consumption for each week tuna servings. Once you already had the Yellow fin tuna fillet in your hands then let’s try these several methods to prepare the best dinner tuna sea food.
·         Tuscan grilled tuna fillet steak
ü  Yellowfin tuna fillet or steaks about 8 oz
ü  1 lemon, zested
ü  Handful flat leaf parsley
ü  2 tbsp leaves of 3 sprigs rosemary stripped from the stem
ü  Coarse salt and black pepper or grill seasoning
ü  3 crushed cloves garlic
ü  Olive oil for cooking
1.      Clean and rinse the tuna fillets steaks and then use paper towel to pat dry them.
2.      Place one lemon of zest on cutting board.
3.      Place parsley leaves as well as the fresh rosemary on the zest too. Place or add the salt, pepper, or garlic or simply just grill seasoning on the herbs.
4.      Chop the herbs, garlic, and the spices. Meanwhile, drizzle olive oil over the tuna fillets steaks to coat each side of the yellow fin tuna fillet steaks.
5.      Rub the mixture of garlic and herbs into the tuna fillets on each side. Let them sit for about ten minutes.
6.      Grill the tuna for about six minutes or 4 minutes on each of the side of tuna. After you are done, serve the tuna fillet steaks.
·         Sesame crushed tuna fillet steaks
ü  2 yellow fin tuna fillet steaks best quality product
ü  Salt and black pepper for the flavor
ü  1 tsp of sesame oil
ü  3 tbsp of black sesame seeds
ü  2 tbsp of olive oil
ü  3 tbsp of white sesame seeds
1.      Pre-heat the grill with high heat and during waiting, mix sesame oil with olive oil in a bowl and brush the mixture on the tuna meats fillet steak.
2.      Mix the white and black sesame seeds and press the tuna fillet steaks until each side covered with the seeds.
3.      Place the tuna on the hot grill and cook each side about 45 seconds to 2 minutes. This will make the tuna fillet steaks into medium rare.
4.      Remove the tuna filet steak when it is done and the seasoning with pepper and salt. You can serve them with mixed greens or salsa.
You can do all those recipes at home and experience the new taste of yellow fin tuna fillet recipes. When cooking tuna please make sure they are not overcook because tuna fillet tend to cook quickly. If you purchase frozen tuna fillet then you should thaw it first in refrigerator overnight before you use the tuna for cooking. However if you run out of time then you can simply place the tuna fillet under cool water to thaw it with the tuna still inside the packaging.
Yellowfin tuna is commonly refers to light meat because they have lower mercury content albacore tuna (white tuna), although the quality cannot be compared with the white tuna meat. Tuna fish contain high quality nutrition including omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals and this is why you should learn to prepare yellow fin tuna fillet steaks recipe to at least make a variety of tuna dish and taste different meals. You can experiment with other recipes and we are glad if you want to share your tasty recipes to us as well. Enjoy!

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Yellowfin tuna supplier produces various products to their customer within the markets. They can manage to deliver high quality exported products for yellow tuna along with other species of tuna such as skipjack and albacore. Yellowfin itself marketed as ‘light tuna’ under canned, fresh, frozen, steaks, fillets, and pouches. Yellowfin number 1 quality usually distributed to Japan market, while quality number 2 is enough for US market.
Both fresh and frozen yellowfin is marketed to food stores or markets with variety range from steaks to loins. Early fall season is the best time you can get fresh yellowfin tuna fish since demands drop but the landings still offering good quality tuna. Learn more about yellowfin supplier by reading all the information below.
Yellowfin tuna versus skipjack and albacore tuna
Yellowfin, skipjack, and albacore tuna are the most common fish produced by yellowfin tuna supplier as canned product, fresh, and frozen. Albacore tuna more known as white tuna has lighter color than the rest. Yellowfin and skipjack tuna flesh range from dark red to pink in color and often being called as light tuna along with tongol fish. Yellowfin has lower mercury than albacore fish since they have smaller size than albacore, but they have lower amount of nutrition as well. Meanwhile, skipjack tuna has lower mercury compared with yellowfin with stronger taste than the fish. Yellowfin has milder flavor when you consumed it.
In the end, which tuna do you choose is a matter of personal preference since if you like to eat stronger and tastier taste then you should choose skipjack tuna, but if you like milder taste then you can pick either yellowfin or albacore. But due to mercury content level, you may need to take yellowfin tuna instead of albacore.
In addition, albacore tuna is somehow more “pricey” than both yellowfin and skipjack tuna. If you want to purchase canned tuna, it is better to check the cans of tuna first and see the label to ensure the types of tuna you want to buy. Skipjack and yellowfin tuna distributed by yellowfin tuna supplier factory averagely labeled as light chunk of tuna, in contrast with albacore tuna which is labeled as white chunk of tuna. They are together promote good nutrition intake for your body.
Yellowfin tuna nutrition offers healthy content that good to maintain your body health including omega 3 fatty acids. This omega 3 is good to help prevent cardiovascular disease and to improve brain function thanks to its EPA and DHA content. Moreover, there are lean protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium, selenium, and other nutrients inside the tuna fish. In conclusion, eating tuna brings more nutrition for your body to take and this is why many major organizations like to recommend people eating tuna at least 2 or 3 servings each week in order to their body get necessary nutrition intake.
How about the mercury concern?
Yellowfin tuna supplier products such as fresh and frozen, of course has more mercury level than canned or tin fish product. But it does not mean you cannot eat yellowfin tuna because as long as you can limit the consumption level then small amount of mercury will not affect adult body. Oppositely, it is better if pregnant and nursing mother, young children, and babies avoiding consume tuna fish because they are more sensitive to the methyl mercury content especially unborn baby or infant and thus women who pregnant and even those who want to pregnant better avoid to eat tuna fish for awhile until they are okay to eat tuna fish again.
Yellowfin tuna supplier products form
There are many forms available distributed by yellowfin suppliers, like for fresh tuna, it can be packaged as canned, raw which usually used as sushi or sashimi main ingredient, portions, loins, and steaks. As for frozen tuna supply, they like to send them as steaks, potions, and loins. Yellowfin tuna canned product is very popular among them all because the product easier to be found at many grocery stores worldwide and not to mention they are cheaper than fresh seasonal tuna. Having yellowfin products from yellowfin tuna supplier is never wrong, you just need to find reputable and trusted suppliers to give what you need with the best quality they can get.

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Indonesia tuna factory has long been growing due to the high demand of canned tuna products not only for national areas, but it has been distributed to the other countries as well. Being the largest archipelagic country in the world makes Indonesia rich in marine sources including tuna meat. No wonder, Indonesia becomes one of the top five aquaculture and fishery producers globally. It has been noted that its tuna produced by the available factories are among the largest and most productive worldwide and the number of distributions have been growing steadily for the past few years.

Indonesia Tuna Factory for domestic and export markets
Indonesia has sells its canned tuna factory Indonesia for both domestic and export markets in order to enhance the income. Fishermen will catch the tuna while factory workers are going to process the tuna fish at factory then the end result will be exported in various countries such as America and Asia. The products that mostly distributed including not only the canned fish, but also fish oil, fish flour, and frozen fish or seafood. Mackerel and canned sardines are popular products to be marketed as well.
To gain customer’s trust all around the world, Indonesia Factory should maintain its high quality products as well as good quality process and customer relationship. All these below are the important points for quality control of tuna fish products thus distribution rate keep increasing or at least stable with no decline in customer’s demand such as:
·         Inspecting the raw tuna meats to make sure that its conditions fulfill the qualities that have been set up by the factory.
·         Processing the tuna fish with consistent steps to meet highest end result and ready to be packed plus distributed worldwide.
·         Inspecting and testing finished products is a must to ensure that the products are safe and in the best condition before the factory sell them to the markets.
When processing the tuna fish in factory, monitoring the process by an expert is necessary so the productions are running smoothly, especially during inspection of raw materials where the factory needs to make sure the freshness quality of tuna fishes.
Indonesia Tuna Factory locations
Indonesia Tuna factory locations are spread out in various regions including East Java, North Sulawesi, and many more. Meanwhile, majority of the tuna fishes have been captured in several areas such as south east side of Java Island to the eastern region of Indonesia. It is not surprising because most of the tuna fishes are easily can be spotted in both Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. Not to mention, there are a lot of tuna species can be found in Indonesia waters like Bluefin tuna, yellowfin-Thunnus albacores or local recognized it as Tuna Sirip Kuning, Strip Marlin, Tuna Mata Besar, Cakalang Tuna, and so on.
Most of the factories in Indonesia will manage to get their raw tuna fish from the fishermen before they bring the material to the factory for production. Even for raw tuna fish, 70 percents of them have been distributed to countries like Japan and Thailand. Each year, Indonesia can produce or catch about 613.000 tons which unfortunately not well balanced with domestic demand because most of the productions are end in other countries such as Tiongkok, United States, Uni Eropa, and two countries that we already mentioned before: Japan and Thailand. The low demand in Indonesia is due to the local people are rarely consume Tuna fish unlike Japanese people with its traditional dishes such as sushi or sashimi, although canned tuna is somehow still popular In Indonesia.
In conclusion, Indonesia has been the largest exporter for both of canned tuna or raw tuna fish and until now, the government still needs to expand or develop the distributions and the industry because so far there are only eleven fish processing industry in Indonesia with a large enough capacity. Many policies will be built for Indonesia fish industry that can give benefit for the country and industry players. If the tuna fish industry can be expanded then hopefully Indonesia Tuna Factory gets more profits while not forget to maintain its quality or overlooked the quality control of the products. The practices are valid not only for Tuna productions but also other seafood products.

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Yellowfin tuna fresh as well as bluefin tuna has almost similar appearance with one thing in common: they are hunted for food either as canned or fresh tuna product. Bluefin especially is an endangered fish worldwide and have higher value as sushi ingredient. If you catch one of these two types of fish then you need to tell which one of the two tunes that you have caught so you can determine whether you want to release the bluefin and keep the yellowfin because yellowfin is more abundant. You can pay attention to the characteristics such as the color, shape, and the size of these both of fishes.
How to tell the different between bluefin and yellowfin tuna fresh?
Tuna is an oily fish that very popular to be consumed after shrimp. There are several types of tuna fish that you can found in the subtropical or tropical waters including yellowfin and bluefin tuna being the later one as endangered fish due to over caught. Tuna contains many nutrition that are good for human body intake such as protein, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.
Yellowfin tuna fresh meat can be produced as steak, fillet, and canned. The yellowfin tuna often been called as light tuna has less mercury level than Albacore tuna (white tuna) so it is very famous to be consumed and picked by people. When you cannot tell the different between yellowfin tuna versus bluefin tuna then you should read the information below:
-          The finlets
The finlets of the fish is the small fins that run down on the back of the tuna fish. You need to observe this part because yellowfin tuna finlets have yellow color plus trimmed in black, while bluefin tuna finlets are presence in steel blue color.
-          Gold color
You can tell whether the fish that you have caught is a yellowfin tuna fresh fish by checking if there is stripe with gold color along the side of the fish. If there is one with such criteria then it is possible that the fish is yellowfin tuna.
-          The shape of the fish
Look at the shape of the fish, yellowfin tuna tends to have football shape while bluefin tuna is more like a torpedo shape. The pectoral fin length is another mark that can differentiate the type with the yellowfin pectoral fin is usually reaches the tip of the 2nd dorsal fin.
-          The lines/ spots
Another characteristic to distinguish both of the fish is the presence of the lines or spots. If there is wavy lines or spots on the underside of the fish then it is a huge possible that the one you caught is yellowfin type. In addition, yellowfin tuna fresh type fish has anal fins as well as bright yellow dorsal and finlets. Oppositely, bluefin tuna fish are shiny silver-white on the bottom and metallic blue on the top part.
-          The weight and the measurement
Since bluefin tuna tend to have larger size than yellowfin tuna fish, you can try to measure and weight the fish you caught. One bluefin tuna can grow up to 1,000 lbs with 6.5 feet in length, while yellowfin tuna fresh weight only reaches 300 lbs.
-          The location
Consider your location when fishing as well, yellowfin tuna fish like to reside in the open sea or near drop-offs while bluefin tends to be caught in the deep sea. In addition, yellowfin prefers warm or tropical waters because they are a tropical species. Bluefin is a colder fish that can be seen often in Gulf of Maine for example.
Yellowfin tuna can live up to 6 or 7 years and they are a migratory fish often can be seen in Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Ocean. They love to perform large school with other tuna fishes such as Skipjack tuna or bigeye tuna. Moreover they like to associate with the dolphins as well. This is why when yellowfin tuna fresh or canned product sold out to the customers, some of you may find the yellowfin tuna mixed with either skipjack or bigeye since they are not separated during harvest. Yellowfin tuna fresh is safer than Albacore tuna for pregnant women with moderate amount of consumption. However it is also suggested that pregnant mother avoid eating tuna fish for awhile due to the mercury concern.

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Yellowfin tuna whole round is a good product to be made into sushi or sashimi dish, which is why a lot of Japanese restaurant is using this product to create their dish. That Japanese restaurant is not only present in Japan, but there are many Japanese restaurants all over the world. This means the whole round yellowfin tuna should also available all over the world thus it really become a trading goods that is high in demand. Furthermore whole round yellowfin tuna is not only good for Japanese restaurant but also for restaurant in general since the yellowfin tuna meat can be use in different kinds of dishes.

Restaurant Using Yellowfin Tuna Whole Round as Ingredient
Yellowfin tuna whole round is good for Japanese restaurant because it still have the same condition as it have when the fisher caught the fish. The only procedure that the fisher does to the yellowfin tuna fish is to bleed it as it is important procedure that every fisher needs to do. That is why this bleeding procedure is performed in the deck right after the yellowfin tuna fish is caught since it need to be performed as fast as possible.
The yellowfin tuna fish has high body temperature which is above the seawater temperature, their body temperature will rose even more in the struggle while being caught by the fisher. This high temperature will also make the yellowfin tuna meat gets spoiled faster this is why it is significant to reduce the body temperature of the fish. And the bleeding procedure is the one that able to reduce the body temperature of yellowfin tuna fish and make it stay fresh longer. Furthermore by doing the bleeding procedure, it is also able to increase the quality of the yellowfin tuna whole round meat twice better. Thus it is another reason for the fisher to do the bleeding procedure to the fish that they caught in the boat.
The bleeding procedure on yellowfin tuna fish is also able to ensure the fresh color of the meat stays even after the fish is brought to the beach for sale. To do this procedure yellowfin tuna fish artery line will be cut thus letting the blood coming out from the blood stream inside the fish body which will takes around five minutes to finish. It is very easy procedure to do, thus every fisher is able to do this procedure easily. Afterwards the yellowfin tuna whole round will be freeze in zero degree Celsius temperature and this product is the yellowfin tuna whole round that has the best condition since every parts of the fish body is still intact.
In reality the whole round yellowfin tuna is a raw material product which used by factories to create many kinds of yellowfin tuna products. This is the reason why many fishers will sell their catch to the factories which will use them to create different tuna products which you see in the grocery store.
However, the whole round yellowfin tuna is also great for Japanese restaurant since they need fresh tuna meat as their ingredient. As you can see many kinds of sushi as well as sashimi are made using yellowfin tuna meat product. This is why Japanese restaurant always search fresh yellowfin tuna whole round to be use to make many kind of dishes. However not every Japanese restaurant owner can have fresh whole round yellowfin tuna fish that is freshly caught by the fishermen especially when they do not live near the beach area. So the only way for the Japanese restaurant owner to get their fish product is through the factories that will also sell this whole round yellowfin tuna as raw ingredient product.
Before the factories sell the whole round yellowfin tuna product to the Japanese restaurant, they will first freeze the tuna product in higher temperature. Even though it has been freeze before when caught by the fisher, but it is still not enough to maintain the quality of the fish until it is turned into dish in the Japanese restaurant. That is why it will be freeze in super cold temperature of – 40 degree to – 60 degree Celsius. With that super cold temperature the yellowfin tuna whole round will stay fresh when they are delivered to the Japanese restaurant.

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