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Yellowfin Tuna Saku Block Product for Sashimi and Sushi

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Saku Block Product for Sashimi and Sushi

Yellowfin tuna saku is a tuna meat product that you can find in the grocery store. As you know tuna is a fish from sea that is also very popular recently. This might be the reason why there are many varieties of tuna meat products available in the market such as yellowfin tuna cube, yellowfin frozen tuna, yellowfin tuna saku, yellowfin canned tuna, yellowfin tuna loin, yellowfin ground tuna, and many others. The reason there are many varieties of tuna meat products available, is because they are used in different kinds of function. That is why; you should choose the correct varieties of tuna meat products for your dish.

Using Yellowfin Tuna Saku fir Sashimi and Sushi
Yellowfin tuna is a seawater fish which catch in the deep sea. After the fish is catch, then it will be gilled and gutted as fast as possible before being chilled so the freshness is still preserved even after a lot time has pass. However, you might not be able to find this form of tuna meat in the market since the size of yellowfin tuna is too big thus even your whole family together could not finish eating the whole fish. This is why the fishermen which catch the yellowfin tuna will sell their catch to the factory which will further process them then supply them to the stores.
Each factory will have their own way to process the yellowfin tuna, that is why they will all have specialty product which they famous of. That is why one factory will be famous for their canned yellowfin tuna product while the other factory will be famous for their yellowfin tuna saku. However, most factories will use yellowfin tuna to be made into block saku since it can preserve the freshness from the fish.
Actually yellowfin tuna saku is a product of yellowfin fish which processed into block shaped high quality tuna meat. To make sure that this product has high quality, the factory will have specialized grader with certification that will professionally choose the most high quality meat part of the yellowfin tuna which will then be turn into yellowfin tuna saku. During the process yellowfin tuna skin, blood line, and bone will be separated from the meat. Then the meat will be shaped into block with the specification that has been determined by the factory. Next the yellowfin tuna will go through some cold smoke treatment with smoke from wood that already been filtered. This treatment is done so the fresh red color from yellowfin tuna can be preserved.
Those blocked of yellowfin tuna will then be packed individually using vacuum packaging to keep the quality of the meat. Next the yellowfin tuna saku will then be freeze inside -40 degree Celsius temperature so the freshness will be preserve and no deterioration process on the cells will occur.
Those all the entire procedure which needed to create block saku using yellowfin tuna fish. It is a long and hard procedure to do but it can create yellowfin tuna product with the highest quality which make it worth the effort. However since the procedure is long and hard, the product also sold in higher price compared to other yellowfin tuna product.
The price is understandable since the taste that yellowfin tuna saku has is also very delicious. It is flavorful and sweet which make it very tasty when eaten. Furthermore it is a high quality product thus the moisture inside the yellowfin tuna meat is able to be preserved to ensure the best taste comes from the meat.
This product is usually being use in sushi or sashimi dish. As you all know those two dishes are consist of raw tuna meat, this is why the tuna meat which used in the dish should have the highest quality possible. Furthermore it should also be as fresh as possible since it is a raw dish which is why block saku product is the most suitable yellowfin tuna product that can be used to make those dishes. Of course you can still make other kinds of dish from this yellowfin tuna product, especially if you do not like raw dishes like sushi or sashimi. You can try to cook the yellowfin tuna saku to be made into tuna steak dish for you dinner.


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