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Using CO Treated Yellowfin Tuna Maldives Product for Catering Business

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Using CO Treated Yellowfin Tuna Maldives Product for Catering Business

For those catering business owners, you might want to know more about CO treated yellowfin tuna Maldives product to be use in your dishes. You might already use a lot of yellowfin tuna meat as one ingredient when you make dishes for your catering business. However, you might not know that there is a CO treated variation of yellowfin tuna product that you can also use. This CO treated product has fresh appearance which makes the yellowfin tuna seems more delicious to eat. Especially when your catering also uses high quality parts of the yellowfin tuna such as the tuna loin, then a CO treated product will interest you more.
Advantage of Using Yellowfin Tuna Maldives for Catering Business
Your catering business might be located in very far area from Maldives thus you might not be able to get raw and fresh tuna fish right away. The only thing that you can have is raw frozen yellowfin tuna fish which delivered from Maldives into your catering business location. However if the yellowfin tuna fish that is delivered to you is in frozen condition does not appear fresh, then you might think that this yellowfin tuna fish is already in bad condition even though they actually already been frozen completely to preserve it. The red color on fresh yellowfin tuna fish is easy to wash out even though the meat itself is not spoiled because of the frozen condition. That is why yellowfin tuna Maldives uses CO treatment so your customer can see that the tuna fish is still fresh and good to use.
Actually the red color on the yellowfin tuna meat fish comes from the blood muscle pigment that the fish have when it still alive. This muscle pigment named myoglobin is delivering oxygen from the blood into the yellowfin tuna fish’s muscle that is currently working. However after the yellowfin tuna is catch, then the process is no longer working, thus the red color of the meat will gradually disappear even though the meat itself is already preserved. CO treatment procedure is able to prevent the red color from disappearing from the yellowfin tuna meat. Thus yellowfin tuna Maldives will still appear fresh even after being frozen for a long duration.
You should not have to worry since this CO treatment procedure does not change the condition of the meat so it will not affect your health in any way. The only thing that this procedure does is to preserve the red color from yellowfin tuna meat. Even FDA already confirm that this procedure is safe as long as it is done to fresh yellowfin tuna thus it is not done to camouflage spoiled meat. Since yellowfin tuna Maldives supplier is a trustable supplier that would not do such bad thing, you can rest assure and confidently use the product for your catering business.
The CO treatment procedure itself is actually a process that is using carbon monoxide (CO) from smoke which taken from woods that is filtered beforehand. This cold smoking procedure is done to prevent oxidation process to happen to the yellowfin tuna meat which makes the red color of the meat gradually disappearing from the meat. When the yellowfin tuna meat does not treated with this CO treatment procedure then the color of the meat will turn into brownish color gradually overtime even though the product is already frozen completely to prevent it from getting spoiled. Of course, this brown color appearance would not be appealing for your catering business customer that wants to have fresh yellowfin tuna Maldives fish for their meal.
Of course, you should also make sure that the yellowfin tuna meat delivered to your catering business is truly high quality meat so you can increase the quality of the meal that you create. But with having CO treated procedure to the yellowfin tuna meat that you will use, you can be relax and still keep the tuna meat in frozen condition even for a long time. In this frozen condition, the yellowfin tuna meat can be use for years ahead, thus you can have tuna dishes on your menu all year long without regards of the season. Finding trustable yellowfin tuna factory is the key for you to get high quality and fresh CO treated yellowfin tuna product.


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