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High Quality Yellowfin Tuna CO Treated Product with Fresh Appearance

Tuesday 29 August 2017

High Quality Yellowfin Tuna CO Treated Product with Fresh Appearance

You might often see many kinds of yellowfin tuna CO treated product when you go for grocery shopping. Then you will wonder what is this product all about since you will use it to cook your dish later surely you want to get more information about it. When you see the yellowfin CO treated product you will see that all of them have fresh red color which is very fun to look at. Actually the red color that the yellowfin tuna fish have is done by muscle pigment inside the tuna’s body which getting oxygenation process. If the yellowfin tuna fish alive then the tuna still have by muscle pigment inside its body, which will delivering oxygen into the body muscle that is currently working. In the process, it will give red color to the yellowfin tuna fish meat.

Fresh Appearance on Yellowfin Tuna CO Treated Product
The demand for yellowfin tuna keeps increasing every year especially in the export and trading industry all over the world. That is because this yellowfin tuna is everyone favorite thus the demand also very high. Sadly yellowfin tuna is only available on certain season of the year, thus it is hard to get the product every season. But with new and more advanced technology, now yellowfin tuna product can be created to be available every season of the year. One technology which used in the making process of that product is the CO treatment technology to create the yellowfin tuna CO treated product.
By using this CO treatment technology, the yellowfin tuna product will still appear fresh in every season it is sold. The technology will use Carbon Monoxide (CO) to give treatment on the yellowfin tuna which will be able to keep the fresh red color of the product for longer time. The technology will use cold smoke procedure with wood smoke that already filtered using this technology so the yellowfin tuna CO treated product will not have any oxidation process happen inside the meat. If this technology is not used and the yellowfin tuna does not get the treatment that it needs, then the texture, odor and color of the yellowfin tuna will start to change to be brown. Surely this will make the yellowfin tuna product unappetizing thus no one will purchase them.
You should not have to worry when you want to consume yellowfin tuna product that already get CO treatment procedure since actually this technology is only able to keep the red color from the yellowfin tuna so it will still appear fresh without changing other properties that it has. Moreover FDA already ensure that there is no need to worry when consuming yellowfin tuna CO treated product as long as the product is made not to disguise a spoiled yellowfin tuna meat.
This is why, you should ensure that the yellowfin tuna CO treated product you get comes from trustworthy factory which will only use high quality yellowfin tuna to make their product. This factory will use fresh yellowfin tuna meat to create their product which will then freeze immediately to lock the freshness on the meat and keep them from getting spoiled.
Of course the freshness of the yellowfin tuna is not only determined only by the color of the meat. Other properties of the yellowfin tuna meat can also be used to determine the freshness of the meat such as the fat content on the tuna meat, and the cut done to create the yellowfin tuna meat product.
Furthermore there are many products that can be made using yellowfin tuna CO treated meat even before the meat is being treated by this CO technology. Those products are actually made using the same yellowfin tuna meat, but only the shape of the product that is different from one another. 
Furthermore the part of yellowfin tuna meat which uses to make those products might also different from one another. Some of those products are yellowfin tuna loin CO treated, yellowfin tuna saku CO treated, yellowfin tuna cube CO treated, yellowfin tuna steak CO treated, and many others.
Not that you have know all information about the yellowfin tuna CO treated products, you should not have to worry in consuming all of those products. Just make sure to get the right product for your dish.


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