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How to Find the Right Tuna Supplier Singapore

Tuesday 29 August 2017

How to Find the Right Tuna Supplier Singapore

Tuna supplier Singapore is the place where you can buy wholesale tuna products. Singapore as part of Asian countries is one of the largest tuna distributors in the world. They like to offer their exported tuna products globally. Tuna fish products made in Singapore have been distributed to many markets either locally or internationally. Finding vendors to source you good tuna fish can be a bit tricky and need some high consideration. If you simply buying tuna products from random suppliers from Singapore then it might be end with poor decision and of course the result. So, you may want to follow these guides when you want to buy tuna from Singapore.
Tuna supplier Singapore how to choose information
Well, if you want to find best quality tuna supplier Singapore then it will be easier if you live in the country itself. There are several ways to find trusted tuna vendors if you there. For example, you can find out where most of restaurants or hotels get their tuna sources. You can simply go to your favorite tuna restaurants and then ask them where they get their tuna fish. However, some of restaurants or hotels would not kindly enough to tell you this secret and that’s why you need to in the end find the supplier on your own.
Follow these guides to ensure that you can get reputable tuna supplier Singapore such as:
1.      Fresh or frozen
This is important whether you want to buy frozen fish from frozen seafood supplier Singapore or you prefer to get the tuna fresh. Of course imported fresh tuna is impossible since there is long trip to go through and in the end the tuna fish needs to be frozen before shipping. However, if you are live in Singapore, you can buy fresh fish in fishmonger or local seafood market. Frozen products are easier to be found since they are last longer than fresh tuna and all frozen products originally is fresh tuna thus there is nothing wrong to buy frozen tuna for your restaurant. Even most of restaurants like to order frozen tuna fish.
2.      Canned tuna
Canned tuna is the most popular imported products since they are easier to be distributed without need to be worried about the product getting spoilage. Canned tuna which go through proper canning process can stay up to 3 years or even more. The canning process ensures the cans product in good condition free from contamination and bacterial. Ask the tuna supplier Singapore where they get their tuna fish to source the tuna tin fish products and how the process is conducted so you can tell that the suppliers using high quality canning process plus do not use BPA cans.
3.      Singapore tuna brands
There are lot of tuna brands made in Singapore if you want to know and of course different brands have different qualities and standards. You can search for specific brand and then find out the manufacturer. You can make more than one supplier with this method and after that ask them for supplier quotes so you can get their tuna prices and stocks. If you see that some Singapore brands available in your countries, then it will be a lot easier and you can tell that they can be trusted enough since they have joint business or venture with local manufacturers in your country or area.
4.      Built your relationship
Never order something without building some relationship. Avoid buying tuna products on the first look since you just see random tuna manufacturer on the internet. Remember that from every supplier that you can find, there are scammers whom you need to avoid. You need establish the relationship first so you can get trusted tuna supplier Singapore.
5.      Ask the terms and conditions
You should ask them about the terms and conditions when you want to buy tuna fish from the vendor. If you are okay with the terms and conditions then you can finally order your fish, but do not forget to deal with agreement and ask for warranty as well.
Learn how to find the right tuna supplier Singapore is just one step to get your business more successful. Hope these tips and guides can help you finding a good one.


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