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Tuna Processing Line Involved in Creating Canned Tuna

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Tuna Processing Line Involved in Creating Canned Tuna

Most tuna in the market will be canned to keep the product in good quality. Of course it will need to go through tuna processing line which will create the end product that you see on the market. Now let us see how the processing line to create canned tuna end product.
Canned Tuna processing line
The factory will first receive frozen tuna inside bins which will be unloaded from the truck and stored into cold storage in stacked. It will then go through the first tuna processing line which is the sizing. The bin dumpers will empty the content of the bin into double conveyor belt which will then bring the frozen tuna into the shaker. The shaker will then align the frozen tuna so it will fit into the right elevator. This elevator will then deliver the frozen tuna into the sizer to separate them according to the desired size.
Usually only frozen tuna which weight less than ten kilograms that will fit into the sizer. For larger size frozen tuna which weight more than ten kilograms, it will then be separately collected to be cut into loins in the pre cooking process. Frozen tuna that has been sized will then be put back into bins for storage or being brought into the next processing line.
Pre cooking process that need to be done is cleaning the frozen tuna. Bin of frozen tuna will be once again put on double conveyor belt. During this process, larger size frozen tuna which weight more than ten kilograms which separately collected beforehand will then be brought into the cutting line. In this line they will be cut into loins in suitable size to match with the smaller size frozen tuna.
For the smaller frozen tuna which weight less than ten kilogram, it will directly going through the cleaning line where its tails and heads will be separated manually by the workers. They will also clean the dark meat and skin off so they can make clean loins of tuna meat ready for the next tuna processing line. Because of this cleaning process, the final weight of the frozen tuna meat will be slightly different compared to the weight when they first bring into the cleaning line.
All of those clean tuna meats will then be put onto racks to be inserted into the pre cooker. The pre cooker will pre cooked the tuna meat using steam in specific time according to the tuna meat size. The pre cooked tuna meat will then be cool down before going into the next processing line.
Clean pre cooked tuna meat will be then be put manually into sanitary belt which will feed it into the tuna filler machine. The machine will then fill the tuna meat into cans according to the desired weight that has been set accurately beforehand. This will allow each can to have consistent filling with accurate weight.
In the next tuna processing line, cans of tuna will be collect into the conveyor belt to be transferred to the oiler and vacuum machine. In the conveyor belt, correct amount of brine is added to every can. After it arrived in the machine, the machine will then vacuum the can and add correct amount of oil according to the preset headspace. The closer is also sync with the vacuum machine so it will be able to steam the top part of can which will remove air which left in the headspace before sealing it close. This is the last processing line that the tuna going through before being distribute to the consumers.
After going through all of those processing line which combine both manual process and automate process cans of tuna are ready to be delivered to the supplier which will then distribute it to the consumers. When consuming those tuna cans you might not even think what kind of procedure that the tuna meat had to going through before being serve to your table. But actually there is difficult and long process that the tuna meat had to going through before it is ready to be consume by the customers. By going through the tuna processing line, the tuna meat will stay in the best condition since it is able to maintain the quality.


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