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Frozen Tuna Malaysia Production Line to Create High Quality Product

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Frozen Tuna Malaysia Production Line to Create High Quality Product

There are many tuna Malaysia favorite product in the market since this fish is also very popular in the country. Malaysian people love to eat tuna since it is a seafood product that has high nutrition content. Furthermore you can actually use Malaysian tuna to create many kinds of dishes that everybody loves. But do not worry since Malaysian tuna has very affordable price, thus you would not need to spend too much money when creating those dishes. If you also want to get one of these products then you might want to know more about the production procedure of those products.
How to Create High Quality Tuna Malaysia Product
Making Malaysian tuna product is actually very easy since there are many tunas to catch in Malaysia Sea. That is why the first procedure that needs to be done to create the Malaysian tuna product is to catch the tuna itself. Malaysian fishermen will catch the tuna fish in their sea as the raw material of this product. Then the Malaysian tuna will be gut and gilled right on the deck by the fishermen to increase the quality of the fish and maintain its freshness. Then it will be chilled immediately before they ship the tuna fish to the Tuna factory that will create the product later on.
Actually the tuna fish that you get from the Malaysian fishermen is the best product that you can get. However, since the tuna fish is usually have large size, then it will be hard for a customer to be able to consume the whole fish completely before it gets spoiled overtime. Which is why, the Malaysian fishermen choose to sell their catch to the factories which able to process them into other product. The products that they created is in suitable portion, thus consumer will be able to use them easier.
After the tuna Malaysia fish arrive in the factory, then it will be taken to the cleaning production line to be clean. The bone, blood line and skin is removed from the tuna fish in order to create raw tuna meat that can be use to make other product.
To make different product, those raw tuna meat will then be grade by a professional grader to choose the tuna meats that have high quality. Tuna meats that have high quality will then be use to create products with high quality that the factory wants to make. That is why the high quality tuna meat will be taken into the cutting production line to be cut into specific sizes and shape that the factory wants.
There are many kinds of shape that can be made using high quality tuna Malaysia meat. Some of those shapes are tuna saku, tuna block, tuna cube, tuna steak, ground tuna and many others. Of course those tuna product shape will be cut in specific sizes, which the factory want their product to be.
The next thing that needs to be done to those tuna products is the CO treatment process. This process is done to make sure the tuna Malaysia fish still have its red color that show the product is still fresh. The factory will use cold smoke treatment on the tuna products that using smoke from wood that needs to be filtered first. With this process, the red color on the meat can be maintain for longer time, thus the tuna Malaysia product will have fresh appearance. Malaysian people prefers to have product that have fresh appearance, thus this product can be sold easier.
Then to maintain the quality of the tuna fish product, then the tuna meat will be entered into the packing production line. In this line the tuna fish product will be pack individually using vacuumed packaging to ensure there is no air inside the product that can spoil it. When the product is ready, it will then be stored in storage that has super cold temperature in -40 degree Celsius temperature. With this temperature, the tuna fish quality can stay the same even after long duration of time.
Those are the production line that the tuna fish need to go through in order to make tuna product in Malaysia. Seeing that tuna Malaysia is going through the best production line, you can trust the quality to be high.


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