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Selling Yellowfin Tuna GG Product in Fishwife Store

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Selling Yellowfin Tuna GG Product in Fishwife Store

As a fishwife, it might be difficult for you to clean big tuna by yourself, thus selling yellowfin tuna GG product might be the solution that you can use. Purchasing yellow fin tuna whole round might be the best since you will get all fish parts thus you can sell them to the customer with different needs. However, yellow fin tuna fish usually comes in large sizes, that is why it is a big difficult to handle the fish alone. Especially if it still in whole round form, thus you will need to gilled and gutted the yellow fin tuna fish by yourself.

Fishwife Store that Sell Yellowfin Tuna GG Product
The yellowfin tuna GG product is a yellow fin tuna which already been gilled and gutted to completely clean the fish but the head is still attached on the fish. Thus by purchasing this product you do not need to clean it later, but still have all the fish parts that you want attached in the product. But of course, you should always make sure that this GG product you get should be made using high quality yellow fin tuna fish since the quality will be highly depend on it.
Then how to ensure that the product is made using high quality yellow fin tuna fish? To be able to do that, you need to know how your supplier creates the tuna GG product for you. Now let us see the procedure that your supplier usually does to create this kind of product. Before making the product, first of all the yellow fin tuna fish needs to be caught from the sea. Of course, your supplier will need to hire some fishermen to catch the fish for them since the fishermen already knows what to do thus they will be able to give the best quality fish to the supplier
The fishermen that is already experience, will know that the fish they catch will be use to create yellowfin tuna GG product. Thus after they catch the tuna fish they will quickly do bleeding procedure before chilling the tuna fish as soon as possible. This bleeding process is the key that will make the tuna fish stays fresh for a long time. This process will also increase the quality of the tuna meat to be double better compared to tuna fish that does not going through this process. This is why experience fishermen will already know the importance of this procedure for the supplier and the quality of the product.
After the tuna fish is delivered to your supplier, now the real procedure to create yellowfin tuna GG product is start. However, there is nothing much that needs to be done to the tuna fish since the supplier only need to gill and gutted the tuna fish to clean it. They would not cut anything else from the fish since all the other parts must be intact to create the GG product. Thus this making procedure actually can be done quite quickly by the supplier.
Then the last process that the supplier needs to do to create this yellowfin tuna GG product is only to freeze the product in hyper cold temperature. This temperature is usually around minus sixty degree Celsius temperature since the fish still have every parts attached, thus it should be stored in low temperature to completely freeze it. By doing this procedure, the quality and the freshness of the tuna fish can be preserved for a long time, thus you can sell it in your fishwife store all year long.
When the product is ready, they will then deliver the product to your fishwife store so you can use it and sell it to your customer. Since the yellow fin tuna fish itself is quite large, you may need to cut the product in several smaller pieces before selling it to your customer. Especially if your customer only purchase it to be consume by their family, thus they would not be able to eat the whole fish by themselves. Unless they purchase the product for seafood restaurant business, then they might be able to use every part of the fish to create dish for their business. Nevertheless, having yellowfin tuna GG product will be easier since you do not need to clean it.


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